10 Reasons that Causes Hair Loss in Women?


Here are 10 of the many possible for hair loss in women, which are common.

  1. Genetics: Genetics can play an important part in hair loss in women. Heredity has been cited as one of the most common causes for hair loss in women.
  2. Physical Stress: When the life cycle of a hair is endangered at any of the phases due to physical stress, there may be temporary loss of hair which results in more shedding of the hair, and normally starts after 2 to 3 months after the stress.
  3. Pregnancy: Loss of hair during pregnancy is very common, especially after giving birth to the child. This is due to the trauma experienced during pre and post-delivery periods. Hair loss can also be experienced during the onset of menopause.
  4. Hair Style: Women, who follow excessive treatment of the hair for styling, like coloring, pigmentation and other beauty treatments, may experience premature hair loss which may be damaging to future regrowth.
  5. Hormonal Changes: Women experience a wide range of hormonal changes during their entire life cycle, which is one of the major causes for hair loss. Hormonal imbalances can negatively affect the growth of hair and result in premature shedding.
  6. Anemia: Women having low intake of folic acid and iron can experience hair loss. Heavy menstruation is also a vital factor influencing hair fall.
  7. Excessive Medications: Excessive medication, like taking pills for birth control and for treatment for hormonal imbalances can result in hair loss in women.
  8. Excess Weight Loss: Women who are eager to reach their body fitness goals may sometimes, unknowingly lose excess weight due to depriving the body of essential nutrients. This can be one of the reasons for hair fall in women.
  9. Protein Deficiency: Dieting is one of the causes of lesser intake of vitamins, which affect the growth of hair due to less contents of keratin, which is needed for hair texture and quality.
  10. Medical illness and Chronic Medical Conditions: Medical illness like autoimmune and thyroid diseases can be contributing factor towards hair loss. Diabetes and psoriasis are also some of the chronic medical conditions that can aggravate hair fall in women.

Consulting an expert doctor at any of the reputed hair transplant clinics in India can help in preventing hair loss for women and in their regrowth.