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First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics

General Instruction

General Instructions you need to know while planning your Hair Transplant Surgery:

Pre Surgery Instruction

Collect the Details

Get the complete details like contact no, email, etc. about the hair transplant surgeon; and the address of the clinic where you need to reach for your hair restoration treatment.

Pre Surgery Instruction

Medical Issue

If you have any medical issues, disease or allergy, then make sure you inform the surgeon during the consultation. Telling the surgeon about your medical condition in advance is better for a smooth & systematic procedure.

Pre Surgery Instruction

Terms & Conditions

Reading the terms and conditions of hair restoration surgery should be done appropriately. Also, the hair transplant candidates need to sign the consent form before the treatment.

Pre Surgery Instruction


Discuss the modes of payment, booking and final amount with the doctor in the consultation session; so that your hair restoration procedure can be accomplished without any hassle or complication.

Pre Surgery Instruction

Doubt Clearance

If you have any queries in your mind about the treatment, make sure you clear all the doubts one day before your surgery. Don't forget to re-verify the number of grafts before the procedure to avoid any confusion.

Pre Surgery Instruction

Blood Pressure Control

Continue taking Anti-Hypertensive (to control blood pressure), tablets for Diabetic or any other medications prescribed by your doctor and the same must be informed to your hair transplant surgeon during the consultation.

Pre Surgery Instruction


If you are far from our hair transplant clinic and accommodation is required, please inform us in advance. On your request, we’ll make the arrangements for your convenience. You need to make advance payment for accommodation.

Pre Surgery Instruction

Back to Home

Make sure you come along with a friend or family member, who can drive and take you home safely. It is strictly advised not to drive after the treatment as you may feel drowsy because of the medications received during the surgery.


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