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First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics
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First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics


Losing hair is not only an embarrassing situation, but it is also a dent to a person’s confidence. The hair loss/baldness affected people generally go for the hair loss treatment according to their requirements & budget. Many people often get scared of surgical hair restoration either because of pain/hurt or the expensive cost. They prefer going for non-surgical hair integrations which are not permanent though but still last for some time.

What is Artificial Hair Implant?

The artificial hair implant, also known as synthetic & bio fiber hair restoration, is the procedure which will eliminate your baldness problem temporarily by providing you a substitute. The synthetic hairs will appear just like your natural strands; thus you can improve your looks with this affordable option.

What are the Options included in Artificial Hair Restoration?

Artificial Hair Restoration


The hair patch for men is the instant way to get back hairs. It is a cap-shaped patch which is used to cover only the bald area, instead of covering the full head. The doctors offer patch treatment with cosmetics glue which is safe & skin-friendly, i.e. it is free from any harm or allergy to skin.



Wigs are another artificial hair restoration solution which is used to cover the entire scalp. These wigs are designed according to the best hairstyles for the patients and to be fitted on the scalp as well. Generally, people go for this easy & low-cost solution when they do not get benefit from medications and at the same time, they cannot afford hair transplant procedure.



Hair Extension is a method for adding length & thickness to the real human strands. It is accomplished by incorporating synthetic hair through clipping, taping, gluing or sewing them on natural hair. These extensions are provided according to the texture of strands, desired density and color of existing follicles.



Likewise other non-surgical/artificial hair integration treatments, hair weaving is also a temporary solution that makes use of clip extensions to cover the bald area. The candidates can select the hair type & style as per their requirements. For the proper maintenance, they need to visit the clinic after every 1-2 months.

Is it Beneficial to Choose Artificial Hair Restoration?

If you don’t want to go for the surgical hair transplantation, then these artificial solutions can prove as beneficial choices for you due to the following reasons:

  • The artificial hair implants will not restrict your normal routine activities such as bathing, swimming, etc. Also, you can comb & style your locks as you desire.
  • Because of being a non-surgical hair restoration method, it is entirely painless, stitch-less & scar-less.
  • It is the least time-consuming treatment to get high hair density. It is a process of single sitting that requires not more than 2-3 hours.
  • These treatment options will provide you an inexpensive way to cover your baldness and to flaunt your hairstyle confidently.

Latest Hair Transplant Patient Results

Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 4500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 2500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 2500 Grafts
Hair Transplant Result of 2200 Grafts
Why Choose FCHTC for Artificial Hair Replacement in Ludhiana?
Hair Patches - Artificial Hair Restoration FAQs
Hair patch is a kind of hair wigs but they are smaller in size & very naturally looking than the full wigs. Hair wigs is suitable only for completely bald scalp.
In non-surgical hair restoration, there is no surgery or needles. Prosthetics or hair pieces will be created for you and those will be fitted on the head or areas with maximum balding
As the hair patches are skin friendly so these are safe from any kind of allergy from skin & scalp.
To setting & fitting of hair patches on patient's head is a job of few hours. However, In order to design the prosthesis, it will need about a week or a little more.


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