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How to choose a good hair transplant surgeon or clinic

Published By : January 16, 2020

  Do not take the decision of hair transplant as ‘lightly’ as your hair!  There is no such thing as too much research. It is a huge decision and it is better to work hard to find the right hair s …

beard transplant

Beard Transplant – Effects and how to get through it?

Published By : October 11, 2019

A number of factors can trigger hair loss and certain aspects of an individual’s life can also cause the hair to fall off. Your genes, hormones, diet, lifestyle, alcohol intake, age and stress can all …

Everything You Need to Know about Hair Transplant – Procedure | Facts | Doctor

Published By : July 23, 2019

You’ll agree on the thing that hair is the crowning glory of every individual and nobody wants to lose their hair at any cost. But unfortunately, a huge percentage of people in the world are getting a …

Important Vitamins for Hair Growth: How Vitamins are Important?

Published By : May 28, 2019

Many people in India have experienced loss of hair in the recent past, and therefore a majority of the Indian population knows about the causes and effects of the same. Most of the patients, who have …

Hair Loss Causes? and How To Prevent Hair Loss

Published By : May 27, 2019

You cannot deny the assertive factors of hair loss that can cause anxiety, frustration and lack of confidence in a person. Premature hair fall is a considerable concern in the majority of people. Ther …

70% of Women Experience Hair Loss – How to prevent it?

Published By : July 25, 2018

Many people think that baldness is not a serious issue, especially for women. However, data gathered from different sources reveal that almost 70% of the female population in India suffers from hair l …

An Ideal Guide to Fight with Hair Loss

Published By : July 17, 2018

The rate of hair loss has increased at an alarming rate in the recent years. If one looks at the statistic of people suffering from hair loss, then it will be quite a big number. The people residing i …

Does Male Pattern Baldness Really Skip Generations?

Published By : June 30, 2018

Are you worried that you may suffer from male pattern baldness which is a hereditary problem? Your forefathers might have suffered with baldness. That’s why you have a nightmare that you will also cer …

How to Speed Up Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Published By : May 28, 2018

In the modern era, a large percentage of young people is undergoing chronic hair thinning problem leading to partial or total baldness in both men and women. In many cases, people do not get rid of ba …

FUE Hair Transplant: Perfect Explanation of Procedures

Published By : May 27, 2018

Hair transplant surgeries have become very common in this modern era. A few years back, only a few people or celebrities would undergo hair transplant surgery; passing time has proved hair transplanta …

FUE Hair Transplant: A Permanent Treatment to Cure Hair Loss

Published By : October 14, 2017

Many human beings are commonly afraid of a hostile hair brush as it leads towards hair fall. As a matter of fact, loss of hair follicles has become an extremely common phenomenon as far as India is co …

How to Prepare for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Published By : April 17, 2017

So you’ve had a serious discussion with your doctor about hair transplantation and now you are all ready to take your steps towards the journey called hair transplant. But are you sure that you are re …

Medical Checkup Prior to Hair Transplant Surgery

Published By : November 28, 2016

Before the Hair Transplant Surgery Hair transplant is a commonly used procedure for the treatment of excessive loss of hair. But since it is a surgical process, people should be careful enough before …

Therapies for Hair Loss Treatment– Effective Means to Early Solution

Published By : August 20, 2016

When it comes to knowing the different therapies associated with hair loss treatments, one should know how each works effectively to enable speedy recovery of a patient. Physicians have tested some of …

10 Everyday Habits that cause Hair Loss!

Published By : July 19, 2016

Most people tend to be finicky about their personal health care and upkeep. Some of them make it a habit to maintain a good healthy routine; while others end up adapting the wrong practices. However, …

How to Use PRP Therapy for Hair Growth?

Published By : February 12, 2016

In today’s era, hair loss is a common issue being faced by several people in this world. To treat this issue, people prefer to use many shampoos, hair products, remedies and all. If you are also one o …

9 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Published By : February 6, 2016

In the present era, women are losing hair due to tons of reasons. Work load, stress, inadequate take of nutrients, lack of sleep are some of the countable from them. As compared to men, hair loss is m …


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