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Hair Loss Treatment

How the Normal Hair Growth Cycle Works?

The pattern for growth of human hair is a continuous & ongoing process. The hair growth cycle in human beings is identified in 3 phases called Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (degradation phase) and Telogen (resting phase). This healthy growth cycle applies to all hairs which are parts of the body; however, their duration may vary for each part of the body.

To sum it up, we lose up to 50-100 strands each day and the same keep growing as well in a cycle. It is a normal process and does not need any treatment. Age, disease and multiple other factors can influence the life cycle of each follicle.

Normal Hair Growth

What is Hair Loss?

Every follicle contains a dynamic root from which hair leaves the skin and develops. In the modern era, persistent hair loss has emerged to be the most common problem all over the world. Hair loss issue is rising at an alarming rate. Both men and women are facing troubles due to this concern. Different cities in India have got different rates of hair loss. The main metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are increasing at an alarming rate of 25% to 30%.

Causes of Hair Loss

Several reasons of hair loss in people can be:

  • Male/female pattern hair loss
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetic issues
  • Aging
  • Medical conditions like thyroid etc
  • Side effects of some medications
  • Excessive heat or sunburn
  • Usage of harsh hair products

Hair Loss Effects

Hair loss is a more general problem in men as compared to women. Excessive hair loss can result in baldness over the scalp. Some autoimmune diseases tend to develop antibodies against the body cells & tissues which further attack the follicular units and other body parts.

Generally, people do not bother about their excessive hair fall in the earlier stages. They let these problems untreated and at the later stage (when baldness starts to occur), they try to cover the bald spots with makeup, hats/scarves, hairstyles, etc. People having a high level of baldness also make use of wigs or patches as temporary solutions.

How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is a universal issue that can be cured gradually with healthy hair care habits. Proper care is mandatory for nourished, healthy locks. To prevent the further loss of strands, the patients are advised to try the following prevention tips, as per their scalp conditions:

  • Do not wear your hair up too tightly. If you want to tie, then you can use a clamp instead of using a rubber band.

  • To reduce the occurrence of brittle hair ends breaking off, you should diminish the use of dry heat on your scalp.

  • Do not comb on wet hair; it can result in intense hair fall.

  • If you have dry scalp, then you should not take head bath on a daily basis; wash your hair twice or thrice a week.

  • Make use of mild shampoo & conditioner. The choice of suitable shampoo & conditioner plays an important role.

  • Analyze your scalp conditions before choosing any hair product, or you can take the advice from an expert as well.

  • Taking care of internal health issues remains to be a significant area to be focused.

  • The stress needs to be reduced in people who look forward to keeping their loss of hair in control.

Hair Loss Treatment

If the hair loss problem has become common today, then it is also the same with hair loss prevention & re-growth treatments. At present, hair loss/baldness is nothing, but a small issue which can be dealt in the best possible way with appropriate treatment procedures.

The doctors have come up with multiple compelling solutions nowadays; because they understand that people want to stop hair loss, whether it would be temporary or permanent. You can get to see the full results within a specific period if you follow the best possible medications or treatments correctly. The reliable and advanced treatments will make you able to get your lost hair, good appearance and confidence back.

How Important is to Diagnose Your Hair Loss?

Thorough evaluation plays a significant role in the successful treatment of hair loss & baldness. Knowing about the exact causes in advance helps both the patient & the doctor to carry out the treatment procedure in a smooth & effortless manner.

However, experts’ advice for a thorough checkup before the procedure needs to be implemented. Your doctor will ask about your medical history, family history or some other essential aspects. Thus, proper diagnosis is mandatory to extract the effective outcomes from hair restoration procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical.

Types of Hair Loss Treatment

Nowadays, there are many advanced technologies in the market to overcome hair loss/baldness. The entire process of hair loss treatment is called the hair restoration; the first is surgical and other is non-surgical. These treatments include medications, PRP therapy, artificial hair restoration and hair transplant surgery.

Some of the people go for surgical hair transplant procedures like FUE, FUT, etc.; while others opt for non-surgical hair restoration options. These procedures help the patients to get back hair on the bald areas, where growth is thin or missing.

Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Transplantation is an artistic and surgical method, with the help of which the active grafts from rear and side of the head are extracted and then implanted to the bald areas. The whole procedure is done by applying local anesthesia. The hair transplant surgery is generally performed with two of the standard techniques, i.e. FUE & FUT. Both FUE and FUT hair transplants are safe procedures without significant risks or complications. The beauty of surgical treatment is that the transplanted hair growth is completely natural & long-lasting.

Generally, the hair transplant procedure takes only one day, but the patient is advised to rest for at least 3-4 days after the surgery. The count of grafts depends upon the degree of your baldness, more hair loss affected area–more the number of grafts you need to implant. The visibility of follicles starts from 4-5 months following the surgery and after 8-10 months, patient's transplanted hair will be fully mature and will continue to grow for a lifetime.

  • FUE Hair Transplant


  • FUT Hair Transplant


  • FACIAL Hair Transplant


Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Very often, people adapt temporary strategies to combat the loss of hair. The patients do not have the requirement of multiple sessions or visits to the clinic if they opt for non-surgical hair restoration treatment. Hair weaving, extensions, wigs, patches, PRP therapy, medications, etc. come under the category of non-invasive hair replacement solutions. It is challenging to analyze the difference between synthetic & original hairs as it will look like your natural ones. The hair loss sufferers can restore their hair by opting for these non-surgical treatments; thus getting rid of hair loss/fall problem on a temporary basis.

  • PRP Therapy


  • Artificial Hair Restoration


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