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Hair Transplant Cost

People think that going for a hair transplant procedure means to have a big budget. But is it really true?

Yes! It is true that you need a huge amount for hair transplantation. But the benefits of this treatment are absolutely worth the price, especially when you are getting your treatment done with expert hands.

Most of the hair transplant clinics in India charge the patients on the basis of cost per graft. While there are also some clinics that provide complete packages for specific grafts count along with required PRP therapy and medications. You can get to know about the final cost only after the complete diagnosis done by Dermatologist/Plastic Surgeon.

Cost Deciding Factors for Hair Transplant Surgery

Expertise Of Surgeon

Expertise Of Surgeon

The experience of surgeon directly influences the cost of hair transplant procedure. More the doctor's expertise more will be the charges.

Clinic Location

Clinic Location

Hair transplant cost in India varies from location to location. Clinics, which are highly modernized and located in Porsche areas within any city, cost higher than other ordinary clinics.

Procedure Of Surgery

Procedure Of Surgery

FUE is more advanced and expensive method than FUT, as it is minimally invasive procedure that needs more time, staff & concentration to perform.

Area Of Baldness

Area Of Baldness

Hair transplant cost primarily depends on the degree of hair loss someone have. Large the bald area more will be the graft requirement; hence more will be the cost of procedure.

Choose the Type of Treatment

Hair Transplant for Men

Calculate Your Grafts

Step 1. Choose Your Baldness Level.

  • Baldness Level 1
  • Baldness Level 2
  • Baldness Level 3
  • Baldness Level 4
  • Baldness Level 5
  • Baldness Level 6
  • Baldness Level 6
Baldness Level

Step 2. Fill the Form to Know Hair Transplant Cost.

According to your individual requirements, you can get the treatment for male pattern baldness with different hair transplant techniques such as FUT, FUE, Bio-FUE etc. Apart from scalp hair transplantation, men also opt for the following treatments:

  • Beard Hair Restoration
  • Moustache Transplant
  • Body Hair Transplant
  • Sideburn Restoration

If you want to know the accurate cost for your hair transplant surgery, we at First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics suggest you to visit our clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab. At FCHTC, you’ll definitely get high quality results at affordable price along with free online consultation and international standard services at each phase. After getting the best quality hair restoration treatment from our experienced surgeon, you can restore your lost hair & confidence for the rest of your life.


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