70% of Women Experience Hair Loss – How to prevent it?

Many people think that baldness is not a serious issue, especially for women. However, data gathered from different sources reveal that almost 70% of the female population in India suffers from hair loss issues. Commonly speaking, for women staying in urban areas, hair loss has been accepted to be a menace. This is due to the major environment pollution and dust particles, including water pollution as well.

The loss of hair can actually trigger a lot of personality issues as have been stated by the experts. But, unfortunately, baldness in women can occur at any point of time and several factors can be allocated to such occurrences.

What are the factors on which hair loss is dependent, especially in Women?

There are various factors which have been known to causes loss of hair in women. According to the hair loss specialists, these factors can be understood as:

1. Internal
2. External

According to the experienced Dermatologists, the loss of hair in women can be caused from a number of internal factors. Internal factors can be related to health conditions, like chronic diseases, obesity or hormonal changes. Onset of pregnancy can also cause a huge volume of hair loss in women. While these are known to be internal factors, there are lots of external factors as well such as pollution, sun exposure, harsh hair products, improper hair care routine etc.

Pattern Hair Loss – A Very Common Occurrence in Women
Pattern hair loss is a common occurrence in Indian women. Thinning of hairline is a general phenomenon in such a case and a receding hairline is noticed in women very often. This is considered to be a dangerous signal, as this can complicate the process of hair transplantation. Precautions should be taken immediately in order to address & treat the pattern hair loss in the right manner.

Taking Care of Hair in Women: What Doctors Recommend?

  • Most of the women in India do not follow a wholesome diet, as a result of which loss of hair is often triggered. In such cases, the women diagnosed with hair loss are suggested to take care of their nutrition chart.
  • Also, taking care of scalp and hair in proper manner can prevent the loss of hair. Besides oiling the hair regularly, appropriate cleaning of hair is also an essential tip for women.
  • The doctors also recommend that too much use of chemicals need to be avoided for maintaining the strength and health of your hair roots.

Hair Transplant in Women

In order to perform surgical hair restoration in women, the hair transplant surgeons identify healthy donor follicles at first level. Since the process of hair transplantation happens to be minimally invasive, therefore women should take proper consultation while going for the same. Undertaking an appropriate type of surgery remains to be the responsibility of the doctor, as the nature of the surgery depends on the kind of hair loss the candidate is suffering from. Thus undergoing hair transplantation is a crucial decision that needs to be taken carefully in order to avoid any future complications.

Other Treatment Options

Experts have acknowledged that there are several patterns of hair loss in women and most of the women adapt temporary strategies to combat loss of their hair. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is a common technology that can be implemented for women facing hair loss troubles. The medications and artificial hair restoration like wigs, patches etc also work great in some cases of hair loss.

Based on the severity of hair loss, women should consider right treatment option whether it is surgical or the non-surgical one. In order to get the right consultation & guidance from an experienced hair loss specialist, we suggest you to book an appointment and visit FCHTC clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab.