An Ideal Guide to Fight with Hair Loss

Fue hair transplant

The rate of hair loss is increasing at an alarming rate in the recent years. The people residing in the metro cities are suffering the most due to this hair fall issue. The primary reason for hair loss is pollution and poor quality water.


If one looks at the statistic of people suffering from hair loss then it will be quite a big number. Both men and women are suffering from this disease. At a very early age, people tend to lose their hair which is a real cause of embarrassment.

The only solution to hair loss is hair transplant. This is the most inventive method that been there in the recent years.   Mostly all the places in India have got hair transplant clinics which give the best treatment to the people. Hair transplant in Ludhiana at First Choice hair transplant & cosmetics is said to be the most prominent place for transplantation.

Different cities in India have got a different rate of hair loss. The main metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore are increasing at an alarming rate of 25 to 30%.

There are thousands of people who are completely dependent on hair transplant to save them from complete baldness. All the best clinics are there at Delhi and it becomes easy for the people to seek advice from the expert out there.

As said before that the only solution to hair loss is hair transplant.  This is certainly the best method to deal with such issues.

The hair transplant process mainly has two parts. There is FUE and FUSS. Let’s highlight both the process in a brief


In this method, the surgeon at first removes at least 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from the back portion of the head.  After this, the surgeon along with his team divides the strip into various tiny grafts with few hairs.  The graft depends on few factors like hair type, color, quality, and area required for the transplantation. In this way, the Fuss process gets done and it gives a great benefit to people.


Next on the line is FUE.  Over here there are certain minor changes in the surgery.   At first, the team of surgeons shaves the back portion of the scalp and removes the follicles one at a time.  After this process again gets same and one has to do grafting.

Fue hair transplant

The transplantation process in both the techniques takes around 4 to 6 hours. But at times it depends on the person.

Every surgery has a certain amount of expectation.  Hair transplantation is one such process which gives the best result after a time period. Within a period of two to three weeks the transplanted hair falls out completely and the new one starts growing within two to three weeks.  It has often happened that people have realized the growth of hair within 6 months. With time a person will get back his or her original hair and there will be no such side effects to it.

The only thing that stops people from undergoing a hair transplant is the cost. But it is completely a wrong notion. One has to visit the clinic and know the condition of his hair over which the cost will be decided.

Hair fall issue is rising at an alarming rate and women are the worst sufferer. The only solution to this is hair transplant.  All the clinics out there in different cities provide the best kind of surgery to the people.

Talking about the capital of the country, the hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is quite average for the common people to afford.

Hair fall now is nothing but a small issue which can be dealt in the best way with the hair transplant technique.