Important Vitamins for Hair Growth: How Vitamins are Important?

Many people in India have experienced loss of hair in the recent past, and therefore a majority of the Indian population knows about the causes and effects of the same. Most of the patients, who have suffered from loss of hair, have admitted that hair loss is extremely devastating and it remains to be a threat to one’s personality.

Most often, the doctors have acknowledged that a poor diet can be responsible for triggering hair fall in young aged adults living in various parts of India. Thus, hair transplantation services have developed now in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, and other metros & semi-metros

If we consult Trichologists, then we will remain updated about the causes of hair fall often. Lifestyle factors remain to be the most important while considering several aspects which generally trigger hair fall. A poor diet which is not rich in vitamins and minerals remain to be the primary factor which can immediately trigger hair fall. As per the medical practitioners, there are a few types of vitamins and minerals which can really augment hair growth. In order to give the readers a brief idea, it is important to enumerate the points below.

Check out the following Ingredients for Hair Growth:

Doctors have suggested these vitamins to be tried out in case one suffers from untimely and uncontrollable hair fall. These vitamins can really play a vital role in augmenting hair growth.

1. Fish Oil

Fish oil contains several fatty acids which augment the growth of healthy hair follicles. A major ingredient remains to be Omega-3 fatty acid which can nourish the hair, to a large extent. This kind of important ingredient is found in salmon, mackerel, tuna, white fish, sardines, egg yolks, walnuts, hemp seeds, etc.

2. Zinc

Oral zinc has been used during the last few decades in order to prevent hair related disorders. Zinc necessarily promotes the growth of healthy hair follicles which can grow into thickening natural hair. Intake of zinc is directly related to our metabolic balance and therefore consumption of zinc-related products remains to be necessary. However, the expert medical practitioners suggest that you should start consuming zinc only after you go for a doctor’s consultation.

3. B-Complex Vitamin (Biotin & B5)

B-Complex vitamin plays a vital role in improving hair growth, especially in women. As a matter of fact, Biotin and Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is normally used ingredients to treat hair loss. B complex vitamin plays an important role in rebuilding the healthy hair follicles, which have suffered damage otherwise. Therefore, B complex vitamin plays a major role in building up the scalp mass. Intake of vitamin B is suggested by the doctors regularly. You can consume certain normal food ingredients like beef, chicken, legumes nuts and potatoes in order to remain healthy.


Medical practitioners who deal with the treatment process of hair fall suggest that a proper lifestyle is extremely important in order to reduce hair fall or hair loss. However, not only lifestyle or diet, there are a host of factors which are responsible for hair fall in young aged adults, or middle-aged adults as such. Hair fall till a certain extent remains to be controllable while doctors warn you against excessive hair fall. Uncontrollable hair loss can lead to baldness and therefore requires specialized treatment.

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How to Use PRP Therapy for Hair Growth?

In today’s era, hair loss is a common issue being faced by several people in this world. To treat this issue, people prefer to use many shampoos, hair products, remedies and all. If you are also one of the hair loss sufferers but not getting desired results after putting all your efforts, then better pick the root of your hair problem and treat it.

Likely, you don’t know that your own particular blood can really make you look more youthful and revived. But one more truth is that you won’t go slathering blood everywhere all over; neither would you be drinking it. However, this is possible with the assistance of PRP treatment.

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy?

The human blood contains the small components- white cells, red cells and platelets. The platelets can potentially boost up the speed of healing process. PRP therapy is a radical treatment for hair loss. This treatment utilizes the platelet part of your blood to advance cell repair and recovery.


How PRP procedure is performed?

This therapy has three stages, but the procedure begins off with a careful assessment to check if you are a good candidate for this treatment or not.

  • Once the specialist makes this assessment, the first step would be the extraction of blood from your veins which is done by a phlebotomist. The portion that contains the most platelets and development components is then extracted and kept.
  • The second step is to support the scalp to initiate the injury recuperating process.
  • The third step in the PRP procedure is the re-infusion of the platelet and development element rich piece into the scalp. The variables are used by the animated cells, including hair follicles.

This treatment is a non-surgical strategy with demonstrating both well-being and capability. It is a safe procedure as the platelet rich plasma is created from the patient’s own blood that disposes of the dangers such as sensitivities, touchiness and other antagonistic responses with other balding treatment procedures. This therapeutic treatment contains no cuts or stitches; thus disposing of the possibility of scars.

Both men and women can go for this therapy to get natural hair growth. Usually, this treatment takes 5 to 7 sessions for completion, but you can see results after 1 or 2 sessions only. Additionally, the customers do have a confirmation that regular items are being utilized totally for the hair development as opposed to chemicals. One major benefit of such procedures is that there is no recovery time period, as you can live immediately just like before this treatment.

So, if you are also planning to undergo this non-invasive procedure to escalate your hair growth, then FCHTC clinic will be the best option for you. Here, you can be rest assured about the quality of treatment at each & every phase.