9 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

In the present era, women are losing hair due to tons of reasons. Work load, stress, inadequate take of nutrients, lack of sleep are some of the countable from them. As compared to men, hair loss is more humiliating, embarrassing & worse issue for women. It is utmost important to know the exact cause of hair loss/fall before opting for any hair loss treatment.

Here are 9 of the many possible reasons for hair loss in women, which are common:

1. Genetics: Genetics can contribute to a great extent for hair loss in women. If your parents or grandparents have some hair fall/hair loss concerns, then you are likely to have these issues as well; because heredity has been cited as one of the most common causes of hair loss.

2. Physical/Psychological Stress: When the life cycle of hair is endangered at any of the phases due to physical or psychological stress, there may be temporary hair loss which results in more shedding of hair. With the increase in stress level, the hair loss problem also tends to grow gradually.

3. Pregnancy: Loss of hair during pregnancy is very common, especially after giving birth to the child. This is due to the trauma experienced during pre & post delivery phases. Hair loss can also be experienced by women during the onset of menopause.

4. Over Hair Styling: Women, who opt for excessive treatment for their hair like styling, coloring, straightening, pigmentation and other hair beauty treatments, may experience premature hair loss which can also put unfavorable effects on future hair growth.

5. Hormonal Changes: Women experience a wide range of hormonal changes during their entire life cycle, which is one of the major causes for hair loss. The hormonal imbalances can negatively affect the hair growth and can also result in premature shedding of hair.

6. Excessive Medications: Excessive consumption of medicines like taking birth control pills or medications for the treatment of hormonal imbalances or other chronic illnesses can cause hair loss in women.

7. Weight Loss: Women who are eager to reach their body fitness goals may sometimes, unknowingly lose excess weight due to depriving the body from essential nutrients. Because of lacking nutrients, weight loss can be one of the reasons for hair fall/loss.

8. Protein Deficiency: Inappropriate diet can be the cause of lesser intake of vitamins & nutrients, which further affect the growth of hair due to less contents of keratin, which is required for maintaining the good hair texture & quality.

9. Medical Illness/Chronic Medical Conditions: The medical illnesses like auto immune and thyroid diseases can be contributing factors towards hair loss. Diabetes and Psoriasis are also some of the chronic medical conditions that can aggravate hair fall in women.

Your hair might be falling out due to the several above mentioned reasons and this hair loss can be temporary, permanent or reversible. So GIRLS! Don’t compromise with your self-esteem by hiding your hair thinning or patches with different hairstyles. Instead seek appropriate care & treatment to eliminate your hair related issues on permanent basis.

If you are among the ones who’ve got irritated from extensive hair fall or hair loss, then it’s the high time to consult with an experienced Dermatologist. With the proper guidance of the Hair Loss Specialist at FCHTC, you can address & treat your hair loss problem from the roots.