10 Everyday Habits that cause hair loss


Most people tend to be finicky about their personal health care and upkeep and so make it a habit to maintain a good healthy habit but end up adopting the wrong practices. However, hair loss which was basically an issue earlier relegated to the background now happens to be one of the most prevalent health issue and lifestyle disorder but then, hair loss is a universal issue that can gradually improve with healthy habits. There are some inevitable environmental factors that greatly contribute to hair loss alongside a person’s habits which could invariably worsen the condition. On the other hand, people should pay utmost attention to the everyday hair care habits responsible for the issues of aggravated hair loss other than factors like hereditary reasons and lack of essential mineral nutrients.

However, many factors like things we consume and our regular health habits are associated with the many problems responsible for hair loss, or in the medical parlance, excessive hair fall can also be a sign of anaemia. Below are some of the everyday habits we overlook which can basically lead to hair thinning and breakage:

  1. Diverse hairstyles: Certain hairstyles can cause stress to the hair, especially ones that tend to drag on the hair tightly.
  2. Extensive use of hair products: hair products such as gels, pomades, and sprays can affect health hair growth, and if not washed away appropriately, can rest on the scalp and cause the hair to flake.
  3. Excessive exposure to chemicals and heat: continuous use of chemicals (ammonia based) and heat makes hair weak and brittle, causing it to break and then flake.
  4. An iron deficient diet: A diet low in iron concentrate is known to trigger hair loss which is one of the well-known negative impacts of such a diet.
  5. Having an unclean scalp: this is a fertile ground for various inflammatory and infectious diseases.
  6. Exposure to pollution: it is important to cover the hair with a light hued cotton scarf to ward- off pollution and sun damages.
  7. Having an unclean scalp: this is a fertile ground for various inflammatory and infectious diseases.
  8. Poor stress management: Stress is the root cause of some health conditions and hair loss is one of the most common one amongst them.
  9. Lack of natural oils usage
  10. Hot water- However hot water dehydrates the hair follicles and also leads to dry hair as it sucks out the essential oils out of the hair strands causing it to become weak and leads to flaking of hair.

Other prevailing factors- like the use of birth control pills, some chronic types of medications and extreme exposure to sunlight are some of the other factors that can cause permanent damage.