10 Everyday Habits that cause Hair Loss!

Most people tend to be finicky about their personal health care and upkeep. Some of them make it a habit to maintain a good healthy routine; while others end up adapting the wrong practices. However, hair loss which was basically a concern earlier related to the background, now happens to be one of the most prevalent health issues and lifestyle disorders. There are some inevitable environmental factors that greatly contribute to hair loss alongside a person’s habits, which could consistently worsen the condition. On the other hand, people should pay utmost attention to the everyday hair care routine and the multiple responsible factors for hair loss other than hereditary reasons and lack of essential nutrients.

However, the things we consume and our regular health habits are associated with many problems that cause hair loss; or in the medical parlance, anemia can also be a sign of excessive hair fall. Below are some of the everyday practices we overlook which basically lead to hair thinning, breakage or hair loss:

1. Inappropriate Hairstyles: There are certain hairstyles (like bun, ponytail) that we often make to look more beautiful/smart. But some badly chosen hairstyles can cause stress to the hair, especially ones that tend to pull on the hair tightly.

2. Use of Harmful Hair Products: The hair products such as gels, pomades, hair colors and sprays can adversely affect the hair growth; and if these products are not washed away appropriately, they can rest on the scalp and cause the hair to flake.

3. Excessive Exposure to Heat & Chemicals: The continuous use of chemicals (ammonia based) or making excessive use of heat products (curler, flat iron, hair dryer) make hair weak, rough and brittle; thus causing it to break and having split ends.

4. An Iron Deficient Diet: Diet is not the factor that can maintain your hair growth only, but also the overall health. A diet low with iron concentration greatly escalates the chances to trigger hair loss and then it becomes difficult to get your lost hair back.

5. Unclean Scalp: Having an unclean scalp is like a fertile ground for various inflammatory and infectious diseases. These infections & inflammation can make the hair dull and finally lead to extensive hair fall or hair loss condition.

6. Exposure to Pollution: It is extremely important to cover the hair with a light hued cotton scarf to ward-off pollution and sunlight exposure. If not doing so, the pollution, sunburn & dust particles can ruin your hair and your confidence as well.

7. Poor Stress Management: In the present scenario, the excessive work load and busy lifestyle routine can cause high level of stress or depression. Stress is the root cause of some health conditions and hair loss is the most common one amongst them.

8. Lack of Oiling: As our elder recommends, routine oil massage can work great to make your hair long, healthy & shiny. Lack of scalp oiling can make your hair dry; causing dandruff, itchiness and hair fall.

9. Hot Water: Avoid your temptation of hot water in winters! Because hot water (beyond the certain level) dehydrates the hair follicles and also leads to dry hair as it sucks out the essential oils out of the hair strands; causing it to become weak & flaky.

10. Medications: The consumption of medications to cure some chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes etc can affect the hair growth which at later stage, can also lead to permanent hair loss or damage.

Hope you would have come to know about the certain reasons or habits that make you to suffer from hair loss. Now if you have reached at the serious stage of hair loss, then we suggest you to book an appointment with an experienced doctor who holds the expertise in dealing with all types of hair loss issues. FCHTC clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab provides general, conventional and complementary solutions in order to treat the hair loss problems effectively.