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Hair Transplant in Jammu and Kashmir

At present, infrastructure & medical facilities in almost every state is a subject to keep developing. In the field of hair restoration, hair transplant surgery is regarded as the most advanced and accurate surgical procedure. This high-tech hair loss treatment is performed by skilled and experienced doctors by making use of reliable tools & techniques.

If you are from Jammu and Kashmir or the locations such as Anantnag, Baramulla, Kupwara, Rajouri, Srinagar; and you are searching for an affordable yet successful hair transplant in Jammu & Kashmir, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here, we are talking about First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics Clinic, which has provided fantastic hair transplant results to a vast number of patients living in Jammu & Kashmir. We can give you the reference of our patients in case you want and thereby, you can get the genuine reviews from them about our clinic, our hair transplant doctor and the results provided by us.

What are the main causes of Hair Loss?

One of the noteworthy health issues that bring along hair fall/ loss is “heredity.” Yes! At times you may blame it on your genes as they are responsible for passing on the agony to you. Such cases are called androgenic alopecia. And data reveals that this is the most common type of all.

Iron deficiency or better known as anemia also strikes us with the hair fall and its pace. But there is a sign of relief as we go on to identify these causes, we get closer to combat them with great ease. So, hair loss treatment is no miracle in today’s world; what needed is “awareness” and love for your lush hairs.

Hair Transplant Surgery

In the process of surgical hair restoration, the surgeons remove the healthy and active grafts from the donor area and then, they implant those grafts into the recipient/bald area one by one. The most commonly used donor area for extraction is back and sides of the scalp. There are other parts of the body as well that can serve as donor area in case of an insufficient amount of strands on the head. The other donor areas can be beard, moustache, chest, arms, underarms, thighs, etc.

After the surgery, you’ll start noticing the new hair growth within 3-4 months. After 8 to 10 months of the treatment, you can get the complete natural looking strands on your scalp. You can then style your hair in the way you want. For the results to be effective, the follicles in the donor area must be permanent and dense.

Hair Transplant Cost in Jammu and Kashmir

Finding the best hair transplant clinic or surgeon does not mean that you have to pay the highest amount to get your lost hair back. Though the quality of results matters the most; but with a thorough search, you can opt for the centre that provides high quality but at substantial hair transplant cost. FCHTC is one of those rare hair transplant clinics in India, from where you can achieve desired and natural looking hairs within your budget.

The Commonly Used Hair Transplant Techniques

There are two popular techniques to perform the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area which are FUT and FUE Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Procedures in Jammu

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