Moustache Hair Transplant

Moustache hair transplant

Moustache hair transplant is a form of facial hair transplant. This procedure helps one to get back hair on the face where growth is thin or missing. In this procedure, surgeons used to fill your moustache area with hair follicles that yields natural growth after a certain time. This procedure is commonly performed in the moustache area of males. Along with the moustache males can also prefer this surgery for beard and eyebrow hair growth. Less growth on the moustache and beard can disturb a man, because for males heavy facial hair growth is required. Therefore, to get rid of this embarrassment, going for a moustache hair transplant is recommended. This way you can get a natural and heavy facial hair growth to give it a desire shape.

Procedure & Recovery

To done moustache hair transplant procedure, minimum 350-500 hair grafts are required. But, the number of grafts depends on the thickness you desire. These grafts can be taken from the back side of the scalp. This procedure specially performed under local anesthesia with an oral sedative. This procedure takes around 2 to 5 hours. Once the procedure is done successfully, you can have a desired moustache hair growth that you can shave or can give the desired shape.

If we talk about its recovery, then first of all be informed that this surgery is painless and you have to spare your five days only to indulge with the tiny crust. By the time these crusts will get dry and you can live your normal life again. But, the growth of the moustache hair will start gradually.

Risk and Results

Few risks are there with the moustache hair transplant. The most are those connected with standard hair transplants. Entry point the benefactor site normally recuperates as a 2 mm or smaller cut, effectively concealable with hair that is trimmed with anything longer than a razor with #2 or #3 watches. A few patients evade a straight contributor site entry point out and out, liking to have the unions acquired by the follicular unit extraction strategy.

Results this treatment provides are remarkable as with this procedure males can get rid of the embarrassment they feel due to an unhealthy facial hair growth.

Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery

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