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FUT Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be characterized in many scalp conditions such as hair detritus (hair stops to grow anymore), thinning of hair, partial or full baldness, alopecia etc. The usual affected areas in men are hairline and crown area of head. Generally, the person having clear cut baldness thinks about opting for hair transplant surgery due to its natural & long-lasting results.

What is FUT Hair Transplant Surgery?

Every follicle contains a dynamic hair root from which hair leaves the skin and develops. The most vital angle in FUT strategy is to give the right & suitable bearings to transplanted follicles, with the goal that new hairs can grow in same heading like existing hairs.

FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT surgical procedure involves the extraction of full strip/whole chunks of hair from back of the head (donor area). After the removal of entire strip from the donor area, the surgeon dissection it into multiple individual hair grafts, using a microscope. Then those grafts are implanted on the recipient area with high attention and the gap at donor area is sutured together.

Is it Safe to Undergo FUT Hair Restoration?

Though, anyone with good health can undergo hair transplant surgery; but there are some parameters that make a person right candidate and those candidates can definitely go through this procedure without any problem. Below mentioned are some of the factors that influence the FUT hair transplant surgery & its outcomes:

More About FUT Procedure & Recovery

Before opting for FUT hair restoration treatment, make sure that you talk with one or more experienced doctors; because only the skilled surgeon can analyze your suitability with this surgical technique. If you are planning for FUT hair transplant surgery, then you should visit FCHTC in Ludhiana; where the highly experienced hair transplant surgeon & team will provide you the most satisfied outcomes at competitive cost.


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