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First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics is one of the leading hair transplant clinic in Amritsar. We are the first choice of the people from Amritsar city as our hair transplant surgeon is well qualified and much experienced in this field. We Provides top class hair transplant at affordable price. Procedures we are offering includes beard hair transplant, Moustache hair transplant & body hair transplant for men and eyebrow hair transplant for women. Most of the surgeries done with much popular FUE and bio fue techniques which are painless scar free and stitch less procedure. PRP and laser treatment also available for complete hair loss solutions

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Fue Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

FUE (follicular unit extraction) Hair Transplantation is one of the most recent procedures for hair transplant surgery. Basically, it is a simple technique to develop regular hairs on one's scalp

Advance Fue Hair Transplant

Advance Fue Hair Transplant

In Advance FUE technique cells from the human body is taken and re-infused to the bald area of scalp to activate dead cells. It improves your outcome by quickening recovering and growing procedure of transplanted hairs.

Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant incorporates transplanting hair from different parts of the body to the head. This transplant is constrained to somewhere around 50 and 500 hair follicles.

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During my surgery I was feel very comfortable, Doctor and Staff was very helpful. All the staff was very professional and trained. I am very happy with the services. Thank you!.

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Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair Transplant Surgery

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