First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics are located in Ludhiana & Amritsar. First choice clinics are providing excellent hair transplant and cosmetic services to clients. Our team of Doctors and Surgeons specialise in the most advanced techniques to achieve the best results of Hair Transplant.

First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics Ludhiana is a well known Ludhiana based hair transplant clinic, providing state of the art hair transplant procedures at amritsar also. Our Surgeon is well qualified and has a vast experience of hair transplant surgeries and performs FUE, Bio FUE surgeries in very effective way.

Our highly qualified & professional hair loss doctors make it sure to carry the hair transplant surgery successfully. We have very high success rate because of our experienced hair transplant doctors and the clinic having the modern technology and equipment. We are the proud clinic to have well qualified surgeons & dermatologists who are competent enough to carry out such complicated and minutely detailed best hair transplant in Ludhiana. Hair transplant surgery can be done in a day depending upon the number of grafts that are required to get the desired result. There are many precautions that are to be taken care of after the surgery but our experienced doctors are competent enough to handle all the technicalities. At FCHTC Clinic, We offer outstanding hair transplant with Bio FUE hair transplant procedure. We believe in the quality of our service, our commitment to patient care, both pre and post the hair transplant Surgery which really segregates us from the list of other clinics in Ludhiana.

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Why Choose FCHTC

Hair transplant surgeon in ludhiana

Experienced Doctors

Our Surgeon has excellent experience in Hair Transplant surgery. The combination of experience with latest hair transplant techniques makes First Choice Hair Transplant Center a perfect choice for those looking for FUE Hair Transplant at affordable cost.

First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics

State of Art Infrastructure

Fully fitted & decorated with latest convenience, we provides an proficiently planned patient care. First Choice provides excellent facilities for indian and foreign patient before, during and after the surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost

Delivering Real Value For Your Money

All the good quality treatment done at First Choice is at competitive cost. We aspire to provide real value of the money to the patients. The superiority in clinical care and the quality results of the procedure attached with pocket-friendly price tag ensures high degree of customer satisfaction.

Clinic Staff

Trained and Co-operative Staff

The helpful, pleasant, and cooperative staff ensures best possible patient comfort. The warm and caring staff also helps lighten the doubts and fears of the patients regarding the procedure.


Personalized Consultation

At First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics, we offer bespoke consultation for our patients. It helps in assessing the degree of problem and devises the treatment plan accordingly.

Hair Transplant Results

Outstanding Results

The procedure performed at First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics delivers optimal hair transplnt results. All the procedures at our clinics done by innovative & latest techniques. PRP therapy is also given to enhance the growth of hairs.

Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Results
Hair Transplant Results
Hair Transplant Results

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