Get rid of baldness with Hair Restoration…


Fast paced lives of today we take a considerable loss of physical health and the baldness of them have the problem. In today’s post we will learn about certain measures that overcome baldness. Hopefully, it will be useful to you.Nowadays there are many advance technologies in the market to overcome baldness. Roughly the entire process is called the hair restoration. The first is surgical and other is non-surgical. The famous actor Salman Khan approached surgical for frontal and non-surgical to the other parts of the head.

What is surgical method hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an artistic and surgical method, with the help of which the hairs from rear and side of the head portion, beard, chest hair and the head portion of the implanted to bald portion. These hairs are the permanent. As the side of the head and the last parts usually not shed hair. Nearly two weeks after the implantation they started growing and a year after full improvement is noticeable and can be seen natural hair. The beauty of hair is that they are permanent and remain throughout life. The  area from where hair are taken known as donor area. After a few days the place is normal.

How surgical hair Restoration is done ?

 Strip Method:-

The first patient is given local anesthesia. After that half-inch strip from donor area is drawn and implanted in the area where there is baldness. A half-inch strip usually have two and a half thousand Follicles may be two to three hair roots in a Follicle.  After implantation stitches are dissolves itself in the donor area. This place becomes normal after a few days. Napkins are set on the area of implantation; patient can remove them by visiting clinic next day. As far as pain is concerned, it is equally as injection (to numb the head) is in braces.

FUE method:-

In Strip Method where the strip implantation is made from donor area, whereas in FUE method individual follicles one by one implanted to balding area. one sitting takes 6 to 8 hours with the implantation of 2 to 3 thousand grafts. If the patient does not even off baldness may be called for a second sitting. Second sitting done after six months.

Cost Of surgical method of hair restoration:-

In FUE, each fillicle costs from Rs. 35 to rs. 120. Due to being expensive, doctor itself have to do all the work.  Doctor has to implanted roots one by one where as in FUT , most work done by technicians. Per follicle cost in FUT is around Rs. 45 to Rs. 75.